Technology in service of your health & wellbeing​

Our body is around 70 % water and it’s important to drink enough for optimum health. We all know how frustrating our patterns can be. particularly, drinking water habit. Our Smart Bottle has been developed with high European technology to satisfy your needs for drinking water. We have also incorporated the tracker built into the bottle and smart light to boost the drinking water habit and keep you hydrated while you are busy with your daily routine as the tracker will remind you to take a sip.

Smart Water Bottle Technology | JoJo Style

Carry your bottle anywhere safely without fearing to spill any liquid.

Every detail has been thought of to make your bottle extra special.

It dose not contain any bisphenol compounds such as BPA,BPS and BPF.

The double insulation and copper layer keep your drink cold for 24h or hot for up to 12h.

Stainless steel is safe when in contact with your hot or cold drinks.

Bluetooth 4.2 with rechargeable battery.

Motion sensor technology with the light that glows when you need to hydrate.